Once upon a time food from land and sea supplied everything to humans. Today, a combination of market and conventional food is popular to most people, but traditional food remains an important source of many nutrients.

Traditional foods are foods and dishes that have been handed down through centuries or have been eaten for many generations, ancient food. Traditional foods and dishes are traditional in nature and may have an ancient precedent in national, regional or local.
Apart from its outstanding flavour and culinary applications, excellence source of minerals and is known to strengthen the immune system and increase digestion.
Its high calcium, magnesium and phosphorus content make it suitable for bone and tooth protection. Bone broth also protects the limbs, hair, skin and nails thanks to the high content of collagen.
In fact, some also say that it helps to remove cellulite because it promotes smooth connective tissue. So most of the people prefer choosing traditional food.

Bajra, nachni, jowar and various rice grains are cultivated in abundance in India. It is disappointing that in the era of low- carb diets, the use of rice for weight loss is refused. There is also a variety of pulses in India
In India, a number of cooking oils are available. Many safe varieties of cooking oil are available in India, from mustard oil and peanut oil to coconut oil and groundnut oil. But the way they were handled in earlier days was much better.

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Ragi flour is prepared either by crushing dried grains or by squeezing drying and grinding. The good news is that Ragi is a rich source of good carbohydrates, and since it is too small to be polished or refined, it is typically eaten in its purest form.

A rich in fibre, high in iron, calcium and vitamin B complex semi-solid porridge, filled with basic nutrients, proteins can give a sour tang taste if fermented and eaten by adding water, buttermilk, onion, curry leaves and coriander leaves served with side dishes such as green chillies, pickles, spicy mango or dried fish gravy.

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Millet is a whole grain-filled of protein, vitamins and nutrients. It can have multiple health effects, such as helping to lower the blood sugar and cholesterol levels. Plus its gluten-free, making it an ideal option or people who have a celiac disorder or who have a gluten-free diet.

Brown rice is rich in fibre content and supports digestion. Homemade sathu maavu is free from additives ad preservatives and can be eaten fresh. Ragi, one of the key ingredients in sathu maavu, rich in calcium, which helps to grow bones properly.

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Though buttermilk is the regular remedy to beat the heat in most south Indian homes, panakam gives you an instant sweet and tangy lift. Jiggery is a rich source of minerals such as iron and potassium, while ginger antioxidants make it an especially good drink all year round.

Mudakathan keerai is a great product to be used in our diet as it has amazing nutritious value, medical applications and health benefits. It is particularly well known for treating joint pain and encouraging hair growth. Both fresh mudakathan keerai leaves and dried mudakathan powder are commonly used in home remedies.

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Kuzhi paniyaram:
Kuzhi paniyaram is a tasty and crisp version of traditional dishes from our ancestors. It’s one of the south Indian cuisines of the everyday. It is usually made with a leftover or a fermented dosage batter. This is made using a special pan called paniyaram pan.

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Kuthiraivali in barnyard, English. Millets are smaller in sugars, high in fibre, calcium, iron and nutrients. So taking millet in our recipe decreases weight and gives you more strength. This kichadi, which is rich in the goodness of all nutrients, is very nutritious.

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Kandathippili rasam is a popular traditional rasam made from thippili. Kandathippili has many medicinal properties. It is known to relieve cold and cough. It’s delicious and good rasam that we can do it on a daily basis.

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