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Moms prepared food Memories

Culinary time travel is a real deal. Life’s most intimate details come flooding back at the sight, smell and taste of particular foods. You are transported back in time to your happy place and memories go boomerang in front of you. When I think of my happy place, I am in school, sheepishly opening my lunch box in class to check if my mother has sent me my favorite bread pudding. I would quickly sneak a little treat in my classroom, because well who could resist! Far away from home now, whenever I smell bread pudding it brings back a wave of emotions. Some days, when I am down and beaten, I resort to calling my mother and asking her to detail the recipe for me so I can try and create the same magic she did. One bite of it and well, life is sorted.

Among the tumultuous wave of work and chores that surrounds our busy lives, the only thing that gives us solace is food. Food comforts the soul, while we may have our fascinations for fast food or over the counter kind of food, the only food that relaxes you and rejuvenates you is fresh home cooked food, food that we grew up eating.

Imagine walking home after a busy day at work, with all the grime and sweat. You walk in and the air has a waft of the fresh sambhar you remember devouring as a child. Just the way your mother made it. You feel refreshed and rejuvenated. Now wouldn’t you want that every day?

Most of us live away from home, and crave for fresh food , home cooked food. Most of us don’t have the time, or the energy to cook after a hard day at work. But what if we told you that we can bring all that magic in your table again and that too at the click of a button?

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